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Annual student council food drive reaches success

Jillian Primm

November 8, 2017

As the fall season has begun, many people have started preparing for the holiday season, beginning with Thanksgiving. The excitement of the holidays tend to overwhelm people, sometimes causing them to forget about those who may be left without a Thanksgiving dinner.  The student council recognized this issue many years ago and started the, now annual,...

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Homecoming Candidates Prepare for Crowning

Jillian Primm

September 12, 2017

With homecoming taking place earlier in the year, students involved in school activities were quickly encouraged to begin voting for fall homecoming candidates.  Each of the eight seniors nominated have many activities to look forward to this...

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Rogue One review

Alexandra Schumann, Spotline Sports Writer

February 6, 2017No Comments

Over the holidays, many movies paraded across the big screen in theaters across the country. Star Wars, one of the most popular film franchises provided fans with another addition to the saga. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, in my opinion, had a very di...

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Spotlight Issues

Students Enjoy Summer Vacation

Alexandra Schumann

September 6, 2017

Summer serves as an opportunity to not only take a break from the chaos of high school, but it is a way for students to take the time to travel away from home. “It's a time when you have the chance to take some time for yourself away from...

  • Students share opinion on Presidents’ Day February 15, 2017
  • National Honors Society provides students with beneficial opportunities February 6, 2017

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Soccer team pushes for title

Clark Schoonover

November 1, 2017

The boys have been on a tear this season. On Halloween, the jags secured their spot at the State tournament by defeating Hays 4-0. Last season, the team finished third at State and they look to accomplish even more. “I am very proud of our guys....

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The news site of Andover Central High School
The news site of Andover Central High School