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Rogue One review

Alexandra Schumann, Spotline Sports Writer

February 6, 2017

Filed under Opinion

Over the holidays, many movies paraded across the big screen in theaters across the country. Star Wars, one of the most popular film franchises provided fans with another addition to the saga. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, in...

Defy homeless stereotypes this winter

Hannah Wiebe, Journalism Writer

November 14, 2016

Filed under Opinion

It tends to go as a common understanding in society that the “right thing to do” is reach out to the poor, however, a larger percent than is willing to admit holds onto common underlying stereotypes of those in poverty. Once...

College athletes deserve payment for competing

Brent Lane, Journalism Writer

November 11, 2016

Filed under Opinion

Over 480,000 college students are scammed out of hard earned money every year, as they earn nothing despite bringing millions into their colleges every year. They study may different majors and have different life aspirations,...

America needs to confront refugee crisis

Sydney Sagehorn, Journalism Writer

November 11, 2016

Filed under Opinion

Gary Johnson doesn’t know what Aleppo is, but do you? Aleppo is the epicenter of the civil war in Syria. It was recently called “the apex of horror” by the top aid official of the United Nations, and its control is divided...

American wage gap discriminates against women, should be changed

Taylor Wolf, Journalism Writer

November 9, 2016

Filed under Opinion

Men are more frequently hired over women and are often paid more. Although it is illegal to discriminate females in job applications, women with identical resumes are continuously being passed over those of the opposite sex...

Body cameras can improve confidence in police departments

Blake Ullmann, Journalism Writer

November 9, 2016

Filed under Opinion

The citizens of the United States have the lowest confidence in police since 1993, according to a poll conducted by Gallup in June of 2015. Due to a handful of recent events, involving misuse of police force mostly against minority...

Collusion in fantasy football should not be allowed

Jack Griffith, Spotline Sports Writer

November 7, 2016

Filed under Opinion

“Trade me David Johnson and I’ll give you $10.” Regardless of the situation or to the degree, collusion in fantasy football is wrong and under no situation is it justifiable. When individuals collude, it creates an...

Why the United States should raise the national minimum wage

Maddie Spurlock, Spotline Staff Writer

October 3, 2016

Filed under Opinion

Families throughout the nation are faced with the hardship of living pay check to pay check just to put food on the table and a roof over their heads. Hard working men and women work countless hours a week, sometimes even working...

Sexual assault victims should not be blamed

Claire Monroe, Spotline Staff Writer

September 29, 2016

Filed under Opinion

In society, most women are taught to cover up, act like a lady, and how to defend themselves if they get into a bad situation. Men are not always taught that respecting women is an important value, and they sometimes prove little...

Social media has become a distraction from productivity

Victoria Eastman, Spotline Staff Writer

December 10, 2015

Filed under Opinion

Phones were originally created as a communication tool. The simplest ones only called people, but now they serve as a gateway to endless hours of entertainment. One leading source of favorite pastimes for people of all ages is...

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