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ICT Residents Enjoy Local Music

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    The summertime is filled with opportunities to go to concerts. With all the free time that summer brings, people are able to go to more and more shows to see their favorite artists live, creating memories that last a lifetime. Whether it’s joining in on the local music scene or seeing legend, Paul McCartney, concerts are always a great way to let loose and have fun.
    Mya Acosta, senior, went to a lot of free local shows this summer.
    “I went to the opening of the Gallery Alley concert with Kill Vargas, The Cavves, and Tideway and it was an awesome concert. The art display was really cool to see, and it’s too bad that venue is no longer an option,” Acosta said.
   Many local bands have been popping up in Wichita in the past few months, but the music scene in town has been holding shows at venues around ICT for years.
    “I saw Gilbert the Bear at Mead’s Corner which was honestly one of the most fun local concerts I’ve ever been to. I also saw Sutphin, Smalltalk, Valleyview, Honeyblush, and many other amazingly talented bands at the Donut Whole.” Acosta said.
   Ever since the Intrust Bank Arena has opened, huge artists like Taylor Swift, Fleetwood Mac, and, as of this summer, Paul McCartney have performed there. People travel from all over to see these artists, and locals grab tickets as soon as they can.
    “I like how the atmosphere changes from one concert to the next. The Paul McCartney concert was amazing. It was such an amazing experience to see an actual Beatle.” Sydni McKnight, senior, said.          
    McKnight has been to many concerts at Intrust Bank Arena, and in her lifetime in general.
    “I’ve been to a lot of concerts and it makes me love a band/artist even more to see them live.”
    Concerts bring joy to many and seeing music live is a truly unique experience that is memorable for all who attend, and the summer is a great time to go to one.

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ICT Residents Enjoy Local Music