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Lady Jags Grind in the Summer

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While some might think the Lady Jags dance team have a break after basketball season, those people are incorrect. The new members immediately began preparing for the summer NDA camp which took place at Emporia State in June.
This camp was the first time the dance team performed for the year. It gave them the chance to prove their strength and abilities to all other area teams.
“NDA Camp is the perfect place to earn our credibility as a team. If you do well at camp, every other team there will know you’re their competition,” coach Jenna Armagost said.
To gain the respect of the other schools, the girls had to work tirelessly throughout the week. After the NDA staff finished, the group remained in the gyms to continue practicing.
“Once the actual camp is done for the day, we still have to practice as our individual team. We would stay and practice until our coach was pleased with the results of the day, normally ending around eleven at night,” junior Elizabeth Waldrip said.
Although the girls spent most of the time dancing, when they weren’t they spent the down time taking part in harmless shenanigans.
“I actually loved camp so much. When we weren’t continuously dancing, we were always goofing off and making each other laugh. I made lots of memories this year,” Waldrip said.
At the end of the day, once the giggles passed, the Lady Jags competed in the small team division continuing to earn their rank among the other schools.
“The captains and officers took second place with their team leader routine and the whole team placed third in the home routine. Both of those medals are great accomplishments, especially considering how difficult our division was,” Armagost said.
After the achievements over the summer, the Lady Jags plan to have just as successful of a year, filled with team bonding and fond memories.

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Lady Jags Grind in the Summer