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Trump Creates Controversy

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In the over 200 days since the day of Donald Trump’s inauguration, several life altering decisions from the White House have been announced. From the signing of 32 Executive Orders within his first 100 days in office, to the removal of the United States from the Paris Climate Accords, Trump has never seized to amaze the citizens who elected him. With the mixed reviews over Trump’s overall presidency, the events occurring over the summer stirred the pot further, whether it be for the better or worst.
Trump’s lack of experience in politics has led him to make decisions that seem questionable to the public.
“He doesn’t exactly know what he’s doing,” senior Alex King said. “All of his advisors have either been fired or quit, so he has nothing to fall back on. He’s throwing out ideas and hope they’ll stick.”
One of Trump’s most controversial comments within recent months what his tweet that informally banned transgender individuals from joining the armed forces. However, his limited actions backing up his words cause supporters and opposition alike to be wary of his legitimacy.
“Especially with the military,” King said. “Even General Mattis can no longer support the transgender ban or most of his orders. His own advisors are against him.”
“Donald Trump has split the Republican Party in half,” freshman Donovan McGregor said. “One half still supports him, yet the other is trying to distance themselves as far as they can from him.”
Trump’s most infamous comments of his presidency involve his distaste towards the media. In August, a “real news” Facebook Live video was aired that depicted news that he believed to be more accurate.
“He has effectively created a situation where people don’t trust the media as much as they need to,” McGregor said. “They don’t know if what they’re reading or seeing is true or if it’s biased in any way.”
With still just over 1,200 days left in office, President Trump has plenty of time to right his wrongs and fix the bad.

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Trump Creates Controversy