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Artists interest students with new albums

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This fall, multiple artists that are popular among students at Andover Central have began to announce their new albums. Artists releasing new music include Miley Cyrus, Kevin Gates, Fall Out Boy, and Thomas Rhett.

Amanda Dodds, junior, has a few artists that she is excited to hear from.

“I’m interested in hearing Fall Out Boy because their music has been kind of trash in the past and hopefully it will get a little better,” Dodds said.

Along with Fall Out Boy, there is another artist she is looking forward to hearing from.

“I’m also excited for Kevin Gates. That should also be interesting,” she said.

Another artist with a new album coming out is the rapper, Gucci Mane.

“I’m looking forward to Gucci Mane because he’s probably going to feature a bunch of great artists which will probably make his music a lot better,” Zach Crawford, junior, said. “With his reputation in the past, this album will probably be good.”

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Artists interest students with new albums