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Scholar’s Bowl looks to have success

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The Scholar’s Bowl team has gained experience so far this semester with three tournaments under their belt and two more to go. Senior captain Alex Engels has led the team through the failures and successes of the beginning of their season.

“The biggest key to be successful in Scholar’s Bowl is confidence. If you’re confident in your answer and in yourself, then it’s easy to do well. The biggest mistake people can make is second-guessing themselves,” Engels said.

The scholar’s bowl team has a Novice, JV, and Varsity team and all have performed well in their tournaments, made up of students from each grade that contribute experience and energy.

“There’s been a lot of ups and downs but it’s been a good time. It’s just important to just go in there and remember stuff and be comfortable in the competition,” sophomore Ganon Steiner said.

Throughout the tournaments, having a short memory is a big advantage to succeeding according to senior Craig Koch. Forgetting that you previously answered a question incorrectly is a major key towards getting the next one right.

“It’s so important in Scholar’s Bowl to have a strong mindset and being confident in your knowledge, it’s all about reminding yourself that you know what you’re doing and the practice and effort you’ve put in,” Koch said.

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Scholar’s Bowl looks to have success