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No shave November grows throughout school body

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No Shave November has been a popular tradition among Jaguar upperclassmen for many years. This year is no different, looking around the school you will see many growing out their facial hair for the charity.

Unknown to most, No Shave November is not just a fun event to grow beards. The goal is to raise not just money, but awareness for cancer patients who may not be able to have beards. They also encourage participants to donate the money they would spend taking care of their beard to charity.

“Growing up, I always looked up to my brother who had a very gnarly beard. I could probably count on one hand the number of times he shaved in high school. Now that I am older, it is a cool experience to be able to participate in No Shave November. It is a way to show your seniority and dominance over all other men. Doing something for the cause always makes activities like this even more special.” senior Clark Schoonover said.

Other upperclassmen are sure to join Schoonover in his pursuit for ultimate manliness. The cause raises over 2 million dollars every November according to their website. The charity started in 2009 and has been going ever since.

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No shave November grows throughout school body