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Eracism curriculum introduced to student

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Mrs. Belew’s government classes recently began a new project which will allow students to create projects to end separation among their peers at school.

    Carson Penny, senior, looks forward to the opportunity to increase the inclusion of underclassmen in school events.

    “I really think this will help the underclassmen more than anything. The transition from middle school to high school is hard and it’d be nice if we could make it a lot smoother by helping them ease into it,” Penny said, “They could have a lot more upperclassmen friends to look up to and feel more accepted.”

    The project was originally designed to stop racism around the school, but it left much room for interpretation. Groups are hosting events to raise money to further the opportunities available.

    “I’m part of the fundraising group. We’re going to get money that can be used by the other groups in their projects. We’re going to be hosting a car washing event as well as a bake sale,” Penny said.

    Penny likes the fact that his contributions will help unite the school and push for the inclusion of everyone.

    “This project is mainly about stopping the spread of hate and trying to make everyone a lot more positive towards one another, especially between the grades,” Penny said.

    Mrs. Belew’s classes are excited to see the effects their projects have on the individual grades and the school as a whole.

    We’re just trying to make the school more like one big family because the grades seem a little separated at the moment,” Penny said.

    This project is a new alternative to typical classroom work which will ultimately allow opportunities completely new to the school.

    “This is the first time I’ve been able to be a part of something like this through school and I think it’s really cool. It involved a lot of brainstorming with people who I didn’t think cared that much about these issues but now I know they value it as much as I do,” Penny said. “It’s a really cool experience.”

    The government classes hope to make the whole school feel included and appreciated.

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Eracism curriculum introduced to student