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Rumble makes its way to school

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Buff Puff, brings competitive boys into the world of volleyball. It’s also one of the main Rumble events which brings the most participants.

    The senior class took the victory on Monday Dec 11, defending their title from the past junior year.

    “It went well, we were nervous because the morning of Buff Puff we only had eleven tickets, but then we sold about 160,” Stuco president Mya Acosta said, “I felt like we had decent participation and the organization was pretty good. The senior boys were excited to win for the class.”

    The next big event is Powder Puff which is girl’s flag football.

    “I think we’re going to keep it the same as last year. We will have it before Rumble, then the championship game will take place during the halftime of Rumble. Hopefully that will gather some good participation and have a nice fan base,” Acosta said.

   Rumble itself will come in April and unlike last year, will happen no matter what the weather conditions are.

    “We are totally doing Rumble this year, and we are back and stronger than ever. There will be a couple new games to get the students more involved, but for the most all the games will be the same, they’ll just be amped up more.” senior Gillian Haenggi said.

    In previous years Rumble hasn’t been important to everyone, but in years to come Student Council plans to give it more attention.

   “Of course I’m bummed it’s my last Rumble because I wish it would’ve been able to be more hype and exciting,” Haenggi said, “But I believe it will become a bigger event in years to come and the students will really be able to rally behind it.”

    Rumble in the Jungle events take place for a better part of the year, so come out and participate.     

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Rumble makes its way to school