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Wave of sexual harassment allegations sweep America; Matt Lauer among them

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Being a journalist comes with the immense responsibility to deliver news to people with a truthful, trustworthy and unbiased view.

After all of the other surprising accusations of sexual harassment that, in too many cases, turned out to be true; Matt Lauer, a journalist for The Today Show, being fired was disappointing to a whole other level for fellow journalists.

Matt Lauer was a huge name in the news-reporting field for over 20 years. For his sexual misconduct accusations to be proven true was a blow that all who looked up to him had to endure.

To me, being a journalist should not be about fame or power, like it apparently was in Lauer’s case. Journalism should be about reporting important information that everyone should be aware of. It should be about exposing those who need to be exposed, and celebrating those who deserve to be celebrated.

By taking part in being a sexual harasser to multiple women, Lauer threw away the ability to say that he has done any of those things. He has lost his privileges to be trusted by the millions of American’s who once tuned in every weekday morning to hear him speak about current events.
Matt Lauer is not a true journalist and does not deserve to be.

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Wave of sexual harassment allegations sweep America; Matt Lauer among them