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Student opinion: what are your thoughts about arming teachers?

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Shayla Bailey, Senior

A: “Honestly, I feel like it is just going to worsen the matter.” “Just the extreme arming of people. Giving weapons to humans creates more of a chance of something happening.”

Jaden Hunter, Senior

A: “I believe that the main goal here for gun control should be banning assault style rifles rather than arming our teachers. I really don’t think that would be conducive to a safe and happy educational area. I don’t want to come to school where I feel afraid. I feel like guns overall, you never know how they will make someone feel or how they react around them. I think it is the students’ right to choose rather they want to be around guns and I think most don’t want to.”

Liba Cermakova, Senior

A: “I think we should arm them so they could shoot the shooter.”

Claire Rogers, Senior

A: “I don’t think it is a good idea because it would cost a lot of money to train them properly so everyone would feel safe. Also I think that teachers might hesitate in an actual shooting.”

Skout Shepherd, Senior

A: “That is illegal for them because it is not allowed in the school.”

Kassidy Harris, Senior

A: “I don’t think teachers should get guns because what if they pull their gun out and shoot you, and then everyone is in trouble. Also substitutes would not know where the gun is.”


Monty Christo, Junior

A: “I feel like that in itself is kind of ridiculous to arm all teachers, but I feel like having one armed person in the school besides the police officer could be a good thing.”

Austin Jordan, Junior

A: “I really don’t think arming teachers is going to be a good idea because of the logistics that will have to go into it. I think there are a lot better options.”

Kyra Wheeler, Junior

A: “I think that is an absolutely terrible idea.” “Some teachers can’t even teach correctly. Just the idea of giving them a gun scares the absolute crap out of me.”

Billie Brinkley, Junior

A: “I think we shouldn’t do that because I feel like the problem is having guns in the school, so putting more guns in the school would not be a good idea. Also, just because some students have shot up schools, doesn’t mean an adult wouldn’t.”

Lily McBride, Junior

A: “This is a really complicated matter. I am not sure of the exact measure we need to take. If we were to do it, training would be a must. I am undecided.”

Ahmaya Harris, Junior

A: “No. That is outrageous and unsafe. I would not feel safe.”

Kennedy Chodak, Junior

A: “I think we shouldn’t do that, because what if a teacher is scared and they shoot someone randomly!”


Brett Schoenhofer, Freshman

A: “I think for teachers to have guns we would need to have a lot of training hours.” “I heard about some proposals for about a hundred hours of training. We would also need mental health and background checks.” “Overall, I think it would be a good thing, but a lot of security would be needed.” I think they should get a bonus for attending training.” “Maybe a thousand dollars or something.”

Hayden True, Freshman

A: “I agree with it as long as they have the proper skill or training, maybe a required class through the school.”

Ethan Holder, Freshman

A: “I think teachers should be armed if they have the right licenses and training.”

Truman Williams, Freshman

A: “I think they should be armed with something not lethal but something they could use in an attack.”

Kyle Chastain, Freshman

A: “It already feels enough like a prison without armed guards walking around. Also, what are they going to do, shoot the student when they act up? But you know, a few teachers should have guns. There should be a select training course they have to go through, so maybe a few. But not all of them.”

Alex Ronk, Freshman

A: “It’s stupid. If the cops show up, how do they know who is the bad guy when you have 15,000 people with guns.”

Daniel Steck, Freshman

A: “My personal opinion is that I don’t think teachers should need to have guns at school for any reason, or should be allowed or required by the government to have any kind of firearm in their classroom. Speaking from experience, many of the teachers I have experienced feel it would not be the best idea for them to deal with an active shooter, because a lot of times it can be former students.”

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Student opinion: what are your thoughts about arming teachers?