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Student opinion: would stricter gun control laws result in less violence?

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“Yes, but probably outside of gang violence. School shootings are predominantly caused by ‘troubled’ people and the relatively easy access to guns allows them to achieve their goals. Very tight restrictions and background checks would greatly discourage shooters because of the effort involved,” senior Josh Wagner said.

“Stricter gun control laws will likely not result in less violence. If anything it might increase violence due to the outrage of strong 2nd amendment proponents. Attention to the mental health of American citizens is what we need to address the issue of violence and what’s really causing it,” senior Mya Acosta said.

“No, because people will still break the law to get guns, and that’s where I think the majority of gun violence comes from,” senior Hunter Flanigan said.

“I think that there should be age limits to what guns certain people can buy, like do it by age, so 18 year olds can’t buy assault rifles,” junior Jacob Wilson said.

“I think that wholesale banning guns is not the answer, we can only ban certain things like bump stocks and stuff like that, not just every gun,” junior D.J. Howard said.

“I believe that stricter gun control will lead to less violence because if we do more checks on people who have them and who will buy them less gun violence would occur,” junior Max Wurth said.

“No, I think that it starts to disarm people, while really not cracking down on people who get guns illegally,” sophomore Kale Flores said.

“I think it could go both ways, like less people will have guns out in the open, so that danger decreases. But, you still have the people who are willing to break the law to get guns,” sophomore Tristan Saunders said.

“I think the violence would stay about the same, because with less guns around, more innocent people will be affected, while the guys breaking the law will be fine,” freshman Connor Cunningham said.

“I think that there has to be regulations made, like with what Florida did with bump stocks, but I just don’t understand how people let some of these mistakes happen,” senior Stratton Stamp said.

“The thing that really has to change is just the background check system, they say the Florida kid was mentally ill, and somehow he got a gun, so that’s the biggest problem right now,” senior Jack Steiner said.

“Stricter gun control laws would only result in a temporary decrease in violence. This is due to the fact that people kill people. A gun could not kill anything if a person was not using it. It is not the guns, it is the sick people that use them for terror and murder,” freshman Blayne O’Connor said.

“Well, I think all it does is increase violence, you look at other countries that have banned guns, like the U.K., and gun violence increases after guns are banned,” senior Cade Schoenhofer said.

“I don’t think it really does anything, because people who commit crimes with guns will still be able to find them because they are already breaking the law,” senior Jack Cook said.

“There should be complete control over larger caliber rifles that can fire at a certain rate, like in the Las Vegas shooting, that does not happen if he does not have those guns, and they can’t really be held responsibly at any age,” senior Brett Blackman said.

“Gun control really would not decrease violence, because just like drugs, people are going to be able to get guns if they really want them,” sophomore Grant Hoofer said.

“I don’t really know about if it will decrease it, but I think all you really do is disarm the people who lawfully use guns,” senior Tanner Goertzen said.

“With so many guns in circulation, there really is not much we can do, but there are definitely certain things that can be done to cut down on the really violent crimes in America,” senior Mitchell Allison said.

“I think gun control laws generally crack down on the people who want to get guns legally, but does not do enough to get at people who just get guns illegally for things like murder and robbery,” sophomore Aaron Shellenberger said.

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Student opinion: would stricter gun control laws result in less violence?