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New movies spark excitement

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Among the excitement of summer, movie fanatics are also excited about the prime time of movie releases.

This summer, several movies are coming out that have created a buzz throughout the media.

Addy Buster, sophomore, is excitedly awaiting to see the new children’s movie coming out, Incredibles 2; the sequel to the popular movie released in 2004.

“I am looking forward to seeing the new Incredibles movie because the last one left on kind of a cliff hanger,” Buster said.

Along with The Incredibles 2 coming out, Oceans Twelve will also be releasing which sophomore Ashley Spradlin is looking forward to.

“I’m excited to see it because there are so many strong, beautiful females in it. It’s going to be really cool and empowering,” Spradlin said.

Summer 2018 is sure to have a movie for everyone’s liking.

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New movies spark excitement