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Students prep for summer

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Summer is amazing for high school students, Free time, warmth, travel, and less responsibility., But not all have the luxury of a relaxing summer. Teens need and/or want money for gas, activities, college savings etc.…. So with that demand, the infamous summer job became a norm.
“I work at Braums, it really helps having my own money during the summer, and it’s something to do when things get boring, it adds a bit of structure, and I like not being broke,” sophomore Codi Clark said.

Codi is one of many Andover Central students who has a summer job. Students who attain a job have an advantage of early work experience and structure that otherwise wouldn’t be there during summer break. Sophomore Chelsea Hearson who is planning on getting her first summer job weighed in on the benefits of her future job.

“I’m planning on working at the rolled ice cream store, Freezing Moo, I’m excited to finally make some money because I’m starting to save up for a car. I also just got a new dog and I’d like to help with his expenses,” Hearson said.

Jobs are a great way to make the most out of time off school, because learning continues, useful real-world experience learning. Students who have income and previous job experience are more knowledge in the work field, and will likely excel when it comes time for a more serious job.

“I work at Wichita Riding Academy. I feel like I’ve learned a lot of life skills that I just can’t get from the classroom. I have more confidence around adults and authority figures now, and I think that will be very useful when I’m in college and eventually interviewing for jobs. I also think it’s just fun to do something I love all summer and make some money,” sophomore Grant Hoofer said.

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Students prep for summer