School spirit evident at BLB, pep assemblies

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At Black Light Ball, students
experienced a more casual and laid back atmosphere.“My favorite part about Black Light Ball was dancing with my friends, also the DJ played songs that we could actually dance along to,” senior Amanda Day said.
Another upside to Black Light Ball was the tickets and oufits proved more
affordable compared to a formal
homecoming dance.
“I really like Black Light Ball because it was a lot more laid back and chill and people could do whatever they want. Also, it costs a lot of money to get stuff for the dance, but it was much more affordable,” junior Natalie McCoy said.
Jace Guerrie, junior, felt like the dance was a more laid back experience compared to homecoming.
“I prefer BLB over regular homecoming because I think its more comfortable and relaxed. You can dance around and not have to worry about being in a silly tux the whole time,” Guerrie said.
Hanging out with friends and meeting new people was a major highlight.
“A fun part about BLB was that it was really dark and you couldn’t see peoples faces and that was pretty cool,” freshman, Saba Mahmood said.
The dance was enjoyed by the students who attended.
“I see my self going to Black Light Ball next year because I think it is a really fun opportunity and it is something
different than a regular homecoming,” junior, Natalie McCoy said.
Brandon Bumgarner, freshman, liked being able to hang out with his friends and the music.
“I really liked how colorful it was and it was awesome to dance with my friends.
Compared to the middle school dances, BLB was more enjoyable because the
music was ten times better,” Bumgarner said. Lindsey Kane

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