Q and A with exchange students

Julia Peters and Filippa Delbanco laugh with each other at lunch.

Malia Flores, Spotlight photo editor

Julia Peters and Filippa Delbanco laugh with each other at lunch.

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Spotlight reporter Abby Moore interviewed the eight exchange students: Ema Lorincova from Slovakia, Andrey Morias from Brazil, Svea Brueggemann from Germany, Filippa Delbanco from Sweden, Julia Peters from Germany, Fan Jian from Taiwan, and Allan Souza-Martins from Germany.
Do you speak any other languages?
“Yes, I studied French for six years and studied Russian for a couple more. I speak Slovac and I also understand and speak Czech. I also understand a little bit of Croatian,” Ema Lorincova from Slovakia said.
What is it like at home?
“We have a lot of stuff to do back home, like going to the movies, parties, and watch soccer games. In Brazil I lived in Sao Paulo and its huge compared to here,” Morias said.
What is the biggest difference you’ve noticed?
“The school system is very different, I do like it. You have more possibilities to do different stuff, like in Germany you learn just the sciences and languages. We do learn more in Germany but you have more fun classes here in America,” Brueggemann said.
How are you adapting to the weather so far and do you like it?
“It’s very up and down, but it’s nice because its warmer here. It’s snowing in Sweden already. But I like to think I’m adapting pretty well,” Delbanco said.
What’s your favorite thing here so far?
“In Germany we don’t have football games (American football), so the games have been my favorite part yet. No one in Germany goes to the sporting events and have fun at them,” Peters said.
What’s your favorite thing to eat; “We haven’t eaten out a lot, but my host parents cook. The other day my host mom cooked burritos, which is very different,”Jian said.
Do you like your host family; “Yes, I love them, they have two dogs and I love playing with them. The people here are my favorite part so far, everyone is so nice,”Souza-Martins said.
These eight foreign exchange students will be apart of the 2020 graduating class and will return home at the end of the school year.

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