Lent celebrations represent sacrifice

The 2020 celebration of Lent began last week. Lent, a Christian tradition, is the 40 day period before Easter that encompasses reflection and preparation. Observation of Lent by Christians replicates Jesus Christ’s withdrawal into the desert for 40 days. Lent is marked by fasting from both food and festivities.
The beginning of Lent is represented by Ash Wednesday.
“Ash Wednesday is an important holiday in the Catholic faith. The ashes represent God’s creation of the first human by breathing life into dust. It’s like saying humans would be nothing more than ashes and dust without God. I typically get my ashes in the morning and wear them throughout the day,” junior Andrew Canfield said.
Palm Sunday is directly related to Ash Wednesday.
“The ashes used on Ash Wednesday come from Palm Sunday the year before. Palm Sunday represents Jesus’s entrance into Jerusalem. The burning of the palm leaves that are in the shape of a cross represent that defeat and crucifiction came quickly after his success,” Canfield said.
Everyone celebrates differently.
“My family and I recognize Lent by not eating meat on Fridays. It is our form of fasting. It is of course not as extreme as Jesus’s fasting in the desert but it’s just about the effort and reflection,” junior Mackenzie Scheidel said.
Along with fasting, Christians sacrifice things they enjoy to symbolize Jesus Christ’s sacrifice.
“During Lent I give up drinking soda. Each member of my family picks something to give up for the duration of Lent. It’s a pretty common practice. My friends and their families do that as well,” sophomore Isaac Sheeran said.