Election stories: Pro-right students speak out

     The 2020 election is approaching and in preparation, Democratic candidates lined the stages outlining progressive movements and ideals for the country. However, on the other side of the spectrum, Republicans strived for a more traditional outlook on political and social issues. 
     Republicans were particularly concerned with immigration and social policies. 
     Sophie Buchanan and Beau Dare, seniors, felt it could be dealt with more effectively.
     “It’s something that needs to be worked on. I believe that there are right and wrong ways to go about it. There are rules in the country that are made for a reason and when rules get broken that’s how chaos happens. I have sympathy for families that want to come here for a better life, I just believe in the right way of going about doing that. If you want something then you’ll go about it the right way to make sure you get it if it means that much to you,” Buchannan said.
Dare believed solutions should be made for the problem at hand.
     “I think we need more visas as America does need migrant workers as many jobs that support the economy would cease to exist to help combat the huge amounts of illegal immigration,” Dare said.
        However, Republicans were split on voting yet majority plan to support Trump’s re-election like Kinzington Kelley, junior, and Buchannan.
     “I will be voting for Donald Trump because he supports the military tremendously which is a big thing that impacts my life being a military family. He has done great things for the economy as well as lowering the unemployment rates. Don’t get me wrong [though] his tweets can get out of hand, but as a president I think he is doing great things for our country,” Buchanan said.
     Kelley reaffirmed her vote for Trump.
     “I will be supporting Donald Trump in the next election because he has helped our country with economic growth like jobs and decreasing the level of poverty by helping people off of food stamps and welfare,” she said.
     Republicans opted for the pro-life campaign against abortion, the federal illegalization of marijuana, and less restrictive gun control.
     Republicans are generally anti-abortion Delaney Cary, freshman agreed wit that stance
     “[Abortion] is terrible. I am pro-life,” she said.
     On the issue of legalization of marijuana nationwide, Dare believed that it isn’t necessary nor beneficial to society. 
     “I don’t love the idea of it. I don’t think it’s productive for society if people are constantly, legally under the influence,” Dare said.  
   Many wanted tighter restrictions on gun control.
     “When it comes to gun control I think we should make higher restrictions on who can have a gun and who can’t. I believe it’s the person that holds the gun that is the issue not the gun itself,” Buchanan said. 
Dare was ok with some restrictions as well.
     “People who follow the law aren’t the ones [terrorizing] places. I don’t think it’s the government’s place to take a person’s gun, but I also think that the process to get one should be more efficient like taking a mental/psychological test,” Dare said.
     While others like Cary believed there is no need for gun control and the right to bear arms requires no limits.
     “It is a good thing to have guns,” Cary said.
     “It [gun control] isn’t something we need,” Cary said.