Frevert establishes ‘Designs by Aiden’

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Finding new outlets for financial gains, students like Aiden Frevert, senior, have gotten creative and decided to start up self-managing businesses. Established February 5, Frevert managed his own website selling merchandise with his own designs under the title “Designs by Aiden”.
“I figured if I like doing that I might as well sell it on some t-shirts and some other clothes and make a little bit of money,” Frevert said.
Frevert sold his clothing on his own website using Shopify to help make business more productive.
“One of the things that’s good about my website is that it’s really simple. You just go on there and then you choose what type of clothing you want and then you just pick the design and the color. I think it’s pretty efficient and checkout is really fast,” he said.
Frevert discussed the process of publishing his product from coming up with an idea, creating the design, to posting it on his website.
“When I have an idea for a design I go onto Adobe Illustrator and use the tools there. It’s really helpful. A lot of the time, if it’s a more complicated [design], I will draw it on paper first and then scan it onto the computer. [For] some of the other simpler [designs], I just use text and an underline or something like that because it’s more about the message and less about the actual art on the shirt,” he said.
Frevert has promoted his business through several individual outlets, experimenting with different forms of marketing.
“I started using Facebook and Google Advertising, but that doesn’t work very well right now, so what I [recently] started doing is asking people with around 3,000 Instagram followers, if I send them a free piece of clothing, if they’ll do an Instagram feed post with it. So far I’ve had three people that have agreed to do it,” Frevert said.
With the marketing and promoting of his business, Frevert has managed to make a name for himself, creating a successfulbusiness.
“In the first month, I made $490 in sales, but I’m doing a lot of experimenting with marketing, which is really expensive so I’ve really lost $60 [overall],” Frevert said.
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Story was originally to appear in the March Spotlight.