Herren addresses addiction crisis


Malia Flores

Chris Herren

Addiction affected many people over time. Former basketball player and drug addict, Chris Herren, visited both Andover and Andover Central High School. To speak about addiction and how it affected his life, as well as others’. Students and faculty received new information through Herrens video and speech.
Herren’s purpose was to help one kid, even though his message went to everyone.
“I thought that the presentation was very nice, I liked it a lot and I also thought it was useful to everyone no matter the circumstance,” sophomore Mila Capehart said.
Students heard Herrens story and the life stories other children had shared.
“I thought it was very empowering based on someone who was personally affected second hand from addiction, so it was nice to at least hear someone talk about it,” senior Jadyn Vossen said.
Herrens presentation was sponsored by the Jordan Storm foundation to inspire children to get help.
“I thought that the speaker was very inspirational and that he really touched a lot of people and I hope that people can learn from him,” freshman Kristyn Camfield said.
Since real-life stories were used, students’ interest in the presentation spiked.
“It was weird to see the story of a professional basketball player go downhill so quickly, but his message was really inspiring and I could tell it touched a lot of students because they were crying,” junior Chase White said.
The message sent to students also included the factual information about how harmful drugs were.
“ Drugs are very bad so no one should do one and Herren was just another example of this,” sophomore Timothy Blount said.
Through the stories shared, students were taught how easy addiction can happen.
“Addiction is very scary and I feel like this was very needed and a great opportunity to learn from someone who was an addict,” freshman Blake Wilson said.
Throughout the presentation personal examples were used to show the impact of addiction.
“I liked how down to earth he kept it and that he didn’t try to make it crazy by telling real life experiences,” senior Anna Buckley said.
Herren opened up about his story along with other students. He shared information that was heartbreaking in order to make his point. Programs were also set TO help students that have dealt with addiction. Story was supposed to appear in March Spotlight