Families bond in quarantine


Brouillette courtesy photo

Jack Brouillette, junior and his sisters spend quality family time playing "Traffic" while quarantined.

Covid – 19 caused governors of many states to issue lockdowns. Governor Laura Kelly issued stay at home orders for Kansas. This keeps many students and families quarantined together.
“ My family and I have done some puzzles, watched the new show “Tiger King”, and packed our house because we’re moving during the quarantine,” senior Katie Boline said.
Outdoor activities are popular amongst many while quarantined.
“I have gone fishing a lot with my family and friends. I have also watched netflix and exercised, while sleeping in very late,” junior Chase White said.
Some families use quarantine as an opportunity to bond.
“We have spent time playing cards, cooking new dinners that we haven’t before, and watching a lot of Netflix together,” freshman Nancy Stefanek said.
Youtube and other streaming apps made some movies free, which created more easy entertainment.
“I have been watching a lot of movies throughout this quarantine as well as gaming with the boys online,” sophomore Leo Wurth said.
Due to the Spring weather, outside activities are enjoyed during quarantine.
“My family has been spending a lot of time outside in the great spring weather! We have been playing a lot of basketball, volleyball, and spikeball. We also go on bike rides and the other day we went to Fall River for a hike,” junior Kate Paulsen said.
A lot of families bonded through movie nights and family time has returned to many households.
“I’ve played a lot of golf with my dad and have been watching movies and series with my whole family,” freshman Trey Niernberger said.
Although this time is very uncertain, students have made the best of it. Families relaxed, exercised, and watched movies with one another. Quarantine has not stopped students from staying active during this scary and sad time around the globe.