Pets provide love, support in quarantine


Julianna Garretson, so. and Oscar.

Despite the unfortunate circumstances we find ourselves in, we could always count on our beloved pets to bring us joy and comfort. Our pets have made our lives a little easier during this COVID-19 crisis.
Students enjoyed the constant company of their pets during the quarantine.
“I definitely enjoy being around my dog all day. Sometimes it gets annoying when he’s by my feet all day, but I enjoy his company and I think he enjoys mine too,” sophomore Julianna Garretson said.
Many pets have taken on the role of a therapy animal during these stressful times.
“Daisy makes me feel calm and she always relieves my stress because when I’m with her I don’t think about anything except for her. I love being around her. She’s awesome to be around and play with,” sophomore Brayden Wheatly said.
Some students admitted that they are easily distracted by their pet’s cries for attention.
“I think I am less productive because they distract me while I try to work, but they are too cute to ignore,” sophomore Shane Chandler said.
However, other students claimed that their pets helped them become more productive.
“I think I’m more productive with my dog around because it also forces me to keep things picked up and organized so he doesn’t get into anything and make a mess,” Garretson said.
Some families decided to fill their newfound downtime with a new pet.
“We were thinking about getting a dog before COVID-19, and as it was happening we decided it would be a great time to get one. The dog has given us something to do, and it has just been a lot more fun having a dog during quarantine,” sophomore Kamden Wilson said.
Many pets kept their owners very busy and active over the quarantine break.
“One of my dogs loves to go on runs, so he’s kept my mom and I very active. My other dog is obsessed with playing fetch, so he keeps me busy outside. My third dog is a puppy, so I spend a lot of time training her and taking her on walks,” senior Briauna Young said.
During this time of uncertainty, one thing remained constant: the love and support of our pets.