Cooking, baking way to pass time in quarantine


Janie Warrington, sophomore, cooks salmon for her family. Warrington courtesy photo

Quarantine created free time for students to find new hobbies. Cooking and baking are two examples of hobbies enjoyed. New recipes are found as well as families are more bonded.
“I have loved baking during quarantine because it gives me something to do and not be bored all of the time. Pineapple upside down cake is the most delicious and favorite dish I’ve baked,” freshman Maddie Amekporfor said.
Family meal time rekindled over quarantine.
“I cooked spaghetti, which is my favorite meal, for my family and it was delicious,” senior Daxton Strobel said.
Students experimented with new dishes and helped parents in the kitchen.
“I’ve made guacamole, casseroles, chipotle bowls, salmon, banana bread, and hamburgers. It is interesting to do more adult things during quarantine and to relieve some stress from my parents by stepping up and helping around the house,” sophomore Jane Warrington said.
Some students continued their cooking from culinary art class at home.
“Since I’m in culinary art I have done so much baking and cooking. I have made homemade pop tarts, s’mores pie, pizza, and fajitas. They all turned out amazing and are now a family favorite,” senior Jenna Ficken said.
Students have more time for breakfast, which students skipped before.
“My favorite thing that I have cooked was some scrambled eggs and bacon for breakfast, which was nice because I had a lot of time to make it and enjoy it,” sophomore Jun Byun said.
Different types of homemade bread were made during quarantine.
“I cooked some sourdough bread for the first time! It was super yummy and we toasted it and ate it with our dinner one night. It took a long time to make, but was totally worth it,” junior Aubrey Mckenna said.
Cooking gave students a new hobby, while it created delicious outcomes. Students who cooked also bonded with family. With quarantine students got bored, but when they cooked or baked it was fun.