Q: Where are you going for Spring Break? What will you be doing?


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Spring break Q and A

“Over Spring Break I am going to California with my mom. We are going to go to the zoo, swim at the beach, hangout at our resort, and sight-see.” -Freshman Faith Kilpatrick

“I will be traveling to Oklahoma City for a baseball tournament and playing in that.” -Freshman Baxter Berry

“I’m not doing anything or going anywhere for Spring Break. I will probably just catch up on sleep and hang out.” -Sophomore Melissa Ng

“I am going to Tampa, Florida to go to the beach.” -Sophomore Landon Patterson

“For Spring Break I’m going to Breckenridge, Colorado to snowboard with my mom, my mom’s friend, and her son.” -Sophomore Beck Hangy

“My family and I are going on a cruise, but the fun thing is our mom hasn’t told us where we will stop at or end up at to make it a surprise. While on it I am going to eat a lot of food and do cruise stuff.” -Sophomore Jared Cromly

“I’m just staying here for Spring Break. I will probably just hangout with friends and go see movies and stuff like that.” -Junior Jaden Newfarmer

“For Spring Break I am going to France to sight-see and roller skate. Every year my family and I go so it has become a tradition.” -Junior Nate Cassube

“I’m not going on a big vacation for Spring Break, but I am going to Kansas City to shop and go to Worlds of Fun.” -Senior Jadyn Barr

“I am going to Jamaica for Spring Break. While I’m there I will be getting super tan, swimming, and just hanging out.” -Senior Blake Robinson