Q and A: How has Covid 19 affected summer plans


Graphic by Ally Harris

Q: How has COVID-19 affected the college preparations that you were planning for this summer?
A: “It’s been hard to know my schedule since football requires us to report at certain times. We really have just been playing it by day and it’s hard to not know what will happen,” senior Matt Macy said.
Q: How will summer differ from your original plan if quarantine continues?
A: “Summer is already differing from my original plan because I planned on traveling a lot. I was going to go on a senior trip with my mom to Europe. We were going to go to Paris and Amsterdam. I was also going to head to Canada to visit my friends and family. However, with those no longer happening and the chance of quarantine continuing, I’m on the hunt for a job that I will either be considered an essential worker or able to work because I would like to make some money before heading off to college,” senior Kylie Litvaniks said.
Q: How have your summer plans changed due to COVID-19?
A: “Actually only like one of our trips got changed. We just rescheduled it so it wasn’t a very big deal,” junior Jill Kice said.
Q: What’re your plans for this summer? How have they changed because of COVID-19?
A: “I had vacations planned to visit my family and now with corona happening, I don’t know if we can still travel and fo where we want,” junior Caden Spooner said.
Q: What will you be doing this summer if quarantine and all restrictions are lifted?
A: “If everything goes back to normal, I will be lifeguarding and traveling to Glacier National Park this summer,” sophomore Anna Strickland said.
Q: What plans for this summer are no longer going to happen because of COVID-19?
A: “I will be missing playing volleyball this summer. I was supposed to have tournaments and they all got canceled because of COVID-19,” freshman Allie Paulsen said.