Andover CAPS program off to strong start

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Story by Spotlight Staff Writer Abby Moore

With shy of 20 students a semester, CAPS is an advanced professional studies program just introduced to the Andover district. The program is taught by staying away from the basic textbook teaching and having all those hands on experiences students could miss out on in the regular classroom.
Steven Huskey is one of the few teachers who got the opportunity to start teaching a new course.
“What we’re trying to do is connect students with their area of interest and get them in the career field. We shape their high school traits to what we would want them to be in the business world or medical world,” Huskey said.
CAPS has worked with students on how to dress, act, talk, and present like professionals.
“I like it a lot, it helps me be more confident and it gives me a lot of employment skills which really helps so I won’t be nervous going to businesses,” senior Jazzy Williams said.
Williams, like other students, got the opportunity to work with professionals whether it comes from job shadowing or internships given to students.
“I’m most looking forward to going out to businesses, that’s really why I joined. I’m excited to see who I will intern for, that’s if I get an internship at all,” senior Jack Benedict said.
The pilot class has flourished in their classes due to the change in classroom situations. The CAPS program aims to prepare students for any real world situation.
Ground has been broken on the new CAPS center which is being built at 159th and 13th in Andover.

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