Thespians to perform Changing Minds in November

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Thespians to perform Changing Minds in November

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Forty-five students make up the cast for the upcoming school musical, Changing Minds. Rehearsals started this month, and the crew and cast are busy preparing.
“The easiest way to describe it is if you took Freaky Friday and combined it with High School Musical,” junior Daniel Steck said.
Steck was awarded one of the leading roles as Kyle, a laid back, outgoing student.
“The play is about two characters: Kyle and Natalie. Natalie has a Type A personality and is uptight and strict about her grades. Kyle is like a surfer dude who cares about his grades but not as much,” sophomore Leisel DeWalt said.
DeWalt explained how Kyle and Natalie’s lives became intertwined in ways that they never thought was possible, ways audiences have seen many times before.
“They have to go through the everyday life of each other and walking in each other’s shoes,” Dewalt said.
Even though DeWalt is new this year, she will be taking on the role of Claire, a major character.
“I am really excited to learn all the music and to work with a bunch of amazing people and a bunch of amazing staff members like Mrs. Conley and Mr. Town,” freshman Noah Sickman said.
Sickman is not alone. Students like Steck are excited to be apart of the musical and grow closer to their friends.
“I encourage you guys to come out and see it because it’s going to be a great show,” Steck said.
Changing Minds will be performed Nov. 21-24. Students are encouraged to attend the matinee on Nov. 21.

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