Debate sees success with new coach

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It’s a new year and a new debate season. The pressure is on as the season begins and competitors are ready to get down to business.
Julie Kobbe, new debate teacher and coach is ready to get the season started.
“I expect their best and they went to camp so their skills should be as good as they were last year,” Kobbe said.
The debate team started off with a rough start but they have come together and things are starting to go their way.
“The season is looking pretty good so far, I was a little worried at the beginning and maybe a little bit now, but I think we’ve become more organized and things are starting to look pretty good,” junior Trevor Quintero said.
Last year, they qualified for state for the first time and four students qualified for the Worlds Debate at NSDA (National Speech & Debate Association).
“It feels great coming off of those wins but at the same time there is a lot higher expectations in our head now. Plus with changing coaches we have to learn different styles and we all have to accommodate for that,” senior Aditi Kiragi said.
Students compete in tournaments on the weekends and Fridays, and the competitions can get very tense.
“My favorite part is the tension in the rounds, and it can get very competitive so I really enjoy it, debate is the art of talking persuasively,” sophomore Trevor Hopkins said.
Countless hours went into the preparation for tournaments and every minute was devoted to research.
“We usually have practices after school, there’s a lot of evidence collecting and making files before we go to a tournament to ensure we do well,” Kiragi said.
They went 3-3 at Washburn Rural which is one of the top 3 prestigious tournaments in Kansas, then at the Blue Valley Southwest tournament they went 1-5. The team looked forward to the rest of the season.