Academic achievement, character, leadership among traits required for NHS

National Honor Society recognizes the academic achievement of students. Each year students have to meet certain requirements to be selected. This is a big honor and the student must be responsible for their own requirements. Which include; volunteer hours, recommendations, leadership positions, and a good grade point average. A council of five members review each of the applications and decide who will be selected.
The first requirement is that the student has to have a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or higher. The potential member must demonstrate good leadership skills. Some examples of this include contributing ideas to improve civic life at school, inspiring positive behavior, reliability, and being dependable. The student also must have an elected, selected, or appointed leadership position. This must be documented on a leadership form with a signature. All of these forms are due the Monday before the application is due, March 23,2020.
The applicant will also be selected based on character. This includes taking criticism, cooperating, being honest, and reliable. The recommendations will be used and a vote takes place. Lastly, the applicant must have a minimum of 40 community service hours. None can come from a club or class project they are in. The student also has to describe the service work and submit a signed sheet from each place they did community service. All of the information is handed out by math teacher NHS sponsor Brett Randolph and if any questions arise he is the one to ask. The final deadline for applications is Wednesday March 25, 2020 by 3:30 p.m.
Members of NHS are honored to be a part of it and recommend others to apply.
“Students should want to join National Honor Society because it reflects how hard students have worked not only academically but within the community. It looks great on resumes and it joins students together who are looking to help volunteer around the community and make a change within the school,” senior, Mallorie Reimer said.
Being part of NHS shows that you are willing to work hard to help others and the community.
“I love being in NHS because it allows be to collaborate with others who share the same passion to help others and the community around me. It gives everyone a better chance for change and you are with people who share common goals,” junior, Allison Wolf said.
Overall NHS is a group of academically talented, hardworking, and caring kids. They work together to create goals and take action.