All-State musicians, singers perform at Century II


All-state choir performs at Century II Lon Feb. 29

State band and choir was held on February 29th. Band members Hannah Lee, Hilary Tallman, Jacob Norris, Jun Byun, Isaiah Agoitia, and Madison Boozer qualified for State at the Regional competition along with choir members Nate Brightup, Josie Brooks, Ahmya Forgit, Noah Sickman, Paige Wazenegger, Taylor Cary, Hailey Durfey, Natalie McCoy, McKensie Moore, and Christiane Short.
Band brought home titles in the past and was looking to continue their success.
“We have always had several All State students. This year, we have six All State band students, which is very exciting. We will have good representation,” band director Bryan Kirk said.
Students put lots of time and effort into preparing for the state competition.
“You should prepare for your auditions. You need to practice those if you want to do well,” sophomore Jun Byun said.
Band members survived both district and state auditions in order to advance to all-state at Century II.
“There are two levels. There is a district ensemble, and students audition for their district. When they are selected for that group, they become state eligible. Everyone on the first weekend in Salina for band and orchestra goes to Salina in early January to audition for the state group. The best students from those bands are selected. They pick about a hundred kids for All State,” Kirk said.
Not only did students look forward to competing at the highest level in the state, they also awaited the chance to make memories.
“It is a really good time to get to know our band directors and peers better. It’s a really good opportunity to meet other people who do the same hobbies that I like to do. It is very competitive, but you still make a lot of friends. I like it because you get better, but you also get to support other people,” junior Hillary Tallman said.
Choir underwent an audition process that was similar to band experiences.
“Ms. Miller gave us audition music, and then we practiced and practiced and practiced. Then, we auditioned, and they chose the top fifteen of each voice part, like Alto 1 and 2, Soprano 1 and 2, etc. Then those people go to regionals, and then from there, the top people go to State,” freshman Paige Wazenegger said.
Hard work and practice were vital as students prepared for the state choir competition.
“We have six songs that we have had two months to learn. When we are there, we spend three days just singing every single day, so that’s also getting you prepared. But you should at least have an idea of what the songs are,” freshman McKenzie Moore said.
Both talented musicians and singers performed with the best in the state last weekend.