Science Olympiad team qualifies for state

Science Olympiad has tested students on their knowledge on multiple subjects. It offered students a chance to have learned new information and get tested on that.
Students received awards after testing well at competitions.
“It is practically a big party, we go in, take the test, come out and get our medals,” sophomore Alexis Markusfeld said.
Information tested on students, usually is higher level knowledge.
“I like how they test you on post highschool, more specialized advanced things, and you can find what you really like and take part in that,” senior Christopher Tran said.
Competitions have different categories for the students tested.
“I just like doing activities and I wanted to get involved in it because the events that we did were a lot of fun,” freshman River Quintero said.
Science Olympiad created a friendly, competitive environment for students.
“My friends were in Science Olympiad so I joined and I have loved competing with them at the competitions,” senior Elijah Ressig said.
Notes are allowed on the tests taken by students.
“I really enjoy science and learning about new things in the world so I like taking notes for different events and seeing them pay off,” junior Kaitlyn Horrigan said.
Students have learned and done hands-on work which has developed their knowledge individually.
“I like Science Olympiad because it is fun and my favorite part about it is building stuff and watching it break,” freshman Kaven Dreier said.
Each student discovered what interested them and grew to learn more about that subject.
“I thought it would be cool to see what it was about and I really liked the different events that I can do each year,” junior Trevor Quintero said.
Andover Central High School Science Olympiad has been invited to the Kansas State tournament this year. The tournament will take place on April 4 at Wichita State University. Amy Rech, Science Olympiad sponsor, will narrow the team down to 15 students.