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2nd Amendment essential to preserving rights of Americans

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Our founding fathers created the United States in order to preserve the colonial way of life and protect its citizens from the tyranny of overreaching of the long arm of government. Just as was true in 1776, the upholding of rights and individual liberties of US citizens should be the utmost importance of a democratic state. The right to own and bear arms is a right given in 2nd amendment of the Constitution, one that should not be taken lightly. It is essential to limit gun control as much as possible because guns are an individual right not to be stripped from the people, guns are used for self defense, and they keep the government from becoming a Big Brother-esque authoritarian state.

Adam Smith, the great English philosopher, defined democracy as by the people, of the people, and for the people. This is an essential quality to American society, that being having the ability to govern oneself. The government needs to stay out of the life of its citizens and play a minimal role, both socially and economically. Having firearms is one such issue that the government should play no role in. As it was defined as a right, the government can never impede upon the ability to own guns.

Guns allow people the ability to protect themselves. Bad people will always find guns, so it is essential citizens are given the opportunity to protect oneself and their property. It is a ridiculous proposition to expect someone to not have the ability to prevent harm to themselves and others as self preservation is a natural human instinct. Without guns, citizens are at an inherent disadvantage.

The right to owning guns restricts the ability of the government from taking over the country as an authoritarian regime. Although this is extremely unlikely, the fact that citizens can object the theoretical tyranny with force is something essential to keeping the top bureaucrats in check. This basic principle was rooted in the tyrannical rule of King George III and the police-like redcoats in the colonies. While this looks different in today’s society, with covert surveillance and government agencies, the principle is still the same.

Natural rights and the minimal involvement of the national government were the founding principles of the United States and are arguably the most important qualities of American democracy. Infringing upon the 2nd amendment would be a spit in the face of the founding fathers, something that would lead to further governmental interaction in US citizens lives, and therefore, something that must not be done.

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2nd Amendment essential to preserving rights of Americans