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Gun massacre increase leads to questioning change of Second Amendment

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The recent school shooting in Florida, killing 17 students and staff members, was just another mass shooting to some, but many of the students of the attacked high school have started taking action to increase gun policies nationwide. News stations are constantly full of negativity and hateful actions taking place, but it has not become out of the ordinary for Millenials and those of Generation Z to hear about a mass shooting every few weeks.

The rate of these acts of terror has continued to rise since 1999, but has especially spiked over the last few years. People no longer feel as safe in public places as they should. Completely preventing acts of hate against a random group of people would be an extremely hard point to reach, but decisions should be made to decrease the number of mass shootings that take place.

The Second Amendment currently states, “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” Since the Constitution was written in 1787, there have been 27 edits, or Amendments created in place throughout the progression of society. When established, the Founding Fathers had intentions for changes to be made to the document as technology and abilities advanced.

The United States has the easiest access to high capacity guns in the world. According to CNN, it is also the country with the most mass shooting that have ever occurred. On September 13, 2004 the Public Safety and Recreational Firearms Act expired. This law was in place for ten years, and banned all types of assault rifles for any US citizen, leaving access to only those in the military. Since the act expired, there has been a 183% increase in gun massacres and a 239% increase in massacre deaths, according to The Washington Post.

A mass shooting or gun massacre is classified as an act of terror that kills four or more people in the same general time or location. The terrorist must select their victims randomly and attack in a public place. The statistics prove it: the availability of such weapons has resulted in an immense increase in gun massacres in the United States. Making a change to the Second Amendment to make it illegal for anyone to purchase military style guns would decrease the amount of mass shootings that occur throughout the United States.

Automatic rifles are illegal to hunt with, so if hunting animals with them is illegal, why should people have such easy access to hunting other people with them? Mental illness is a common issue found in those who start gun massacres. Those who do such horrific actions are typically outcasts in school. However, forcing every person in the country to have a positive outlook on life and accept everyone is next to impossible. The most efficient way to reduce gun violence in the United States must include making the purchase of military guns to the public illegal.

Nothing has changed, there have always been angry people in the world. When did it become socially “okay” to become a mass murderer? This should not be something people are comfortable living with, it must be changed. The nation’s safety will immensely increase if the Second Amendment is changed to allowing citizens the right to bear non-military style guns. Automatic rifles are made for one purpose, and that purpose is to kill. Is one gun more valuable than 17 lives?

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Gun massacre increase leads to questioning change of Second Amendment