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20 Year Anniversary of Andover Central High School

20 years ago, a school was constructed, a school that would win multiple state titles, create magical performances, bring some of the brightest minds to light, and create memories that would last a lifetime. For over 20 years, Andover Central has been a major part of their lives, many teachers have been at the school since the doors opened. “It’s cool to look back and see how things have changed, it’s funny though because with Andovers’ new building, we’re now the old school in the district,” math teacher Jesse Hermann said. From the beginning of Andover Central to now, nine teachers have stuck around to see the school grow and prosper over the years. “It feels awesome being one of the original nine, I’m a part of a tradition for such an awesome school. I’m very proud to be a Jaguar,” computer applications teacher Sherri Goforth said. “I teach all the freshmen and with that, I feel like part of my job is to help the students understand what they’re a part of and help them appreciate how special our school is,” history teacher Grant Bacon said.

The school has changed drastically over the years, classrooms have been updated and grass was upgraded to turf, a pleasure we get to enjoy daily. “It’s like watching your kids grow up, when you’re here everyday, you don’t notice it as much, but until you talk to someone who isn’t here everyday, you notice huge changes,” ELP teacher Mark Fleske said. From teachers to students, the legacy of Andover Central lives on and every day a new story begins.

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