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2021-22 School Year to bring changes in administration

Amanda Grier, former assistant principal, was recently promoted to take over the Principal position as Cheryl Hochalter announced her departure at the end of this year. Grier joined the administrative staff in 2018. Previously, Grier spent 8 years at

Andover High school. Grier served as an instructional coach at Joplin High School for 1 year.

Grier has several years of experience working with teachers in class providing

professional training for educational purposes. Along with working with teachers, Grier worked as a math teacher in the Wichita Public School District. As a highly qualified teacher and administrator, Grier hopes to work to better the atmosphere for students and staff alike.

Chad Gerwick, math teacher and former coach, will fill Doug Carr’s position as Carr prepares to retire as assistant principal and athletic director. Gerwick has spent 10 years at Andover Central teaching students and coaching. Prior, Gerwick worked at Wamego High school and Valley Center High School teaching math and coaching several

different sports. “A career goal has been to take the next step into

administration and become an athletic director. To have the opportunity at a school like Andover Central is unbelievable and an opportunity I’m extremely grateful for,” Gerwick said. Whether in the classroom or out on the baseball field, Gerwick is known to bring a smile to those around him. He hopes to use his familiarity with the school to his advantage in his new role.

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