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4 ways to prepare for fully in-person school


While learning in and adjusting to a difficult environment, it is essential to maintain a schedule. As the end of the year approaches, the pace of events is bound to increase. Completing assignments on due date, although sometimes unavoidable, can cause stress. A useful tool in planning ahead is a planner. Google calendar is able to insert due dates from Google Classroom in order to keep track. Taking the time to plan out an order of assignment and working ahead can save stress and time.


Although a sense of normalcy has returned with the return of in-person school, the pandemic is still a threat despite declining numbers. Precautions should still be taken. Masks, hand washing, santizing, and social distancing offer protection from the spread of the virus. Vaccines are now available to 16 year-olds as well. A strong finish to this year is possible by maintaining good health. The light at the end of the tunnel has shown itself. We just have to get there.


The mental effect of the pandemic has been apparent as it has persisted. Isolation became a new normal and as strides are being taken to push back to pre-pandemic conditions, it is important to make mental health a priority. This time presents people with opportunity for growth and resilance, but can also place stress, anxiety, and sadness on their shoulders as well. Find time to do things that lift spirits. Painting, excercise, and time with friends can bring peace.


Students and staff alike have been forced to adjust to the conditions of education during a pandemic. Reaching out to staff members or peers to ask for help can create a bridge to better conditions. Everyone has been presented with the same challenge. Whether it is with homework help and just a chat about what is going on, we all just need a friend sometimes. Asking for help can reduce stress in regards to school and could foster new relationships between teachers and students.

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