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Bachelor season 25 entertains students, staff in free time

Drama, corruption, toxicity, exaggerated emotion; are all things that happen on the set of ABC’s The Bachelor. For those unfamiliar with the concept of the show, The Bachelor is a reality dating show that is for the sole purpose of finding love. One man and a large group of women, typically about 30, go through a journey together in hopes of ending the season engaged. In previous seasons, contestants would travel to luxurious places for dates and exquisite attractions. However, with the coronavirus in the way, all contestants stayed at the Nemacolin Resort in Pennsylvania that sits on 2,200 acres of land.

“I think Matt is a great guy. It’s his first time but I think he’s doing pretty well with all the pressure. He does kiss with his eyes open. I’ve noticed that. It is kind of weird,” junior Leo Wurth said.

“Since they have limited traveling due to the pandemic, I am thrilled to see they are having more honest conversations. I am interested to see how that improves the franchise in terms of relationships and if they last or not. I feel like we have seen a lot more about people’s pasts, their relationships with their families and what they are looking for in a spouse. My favorite candidate is Abigail, who got the first impression rose,” English teacher Alison Craig said.

“Honestly, this season has not been one of my favorites. It has been kind of messy and I don’t enjoy how many new girls they have brought in. There’s been a lot of drama, just between the girls, and because of it they don’t show Matt as much. I swear I don’t know anything about him. Also I would just like to say Abigail deserved better,” senior Ashlyn Isaacs said.

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