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Brett Schoenhofer continues to set records in cross-country running

Senior Brett Schoenhofer broke the all time Andover Central record for the 5k. He ran it in 15 minutes and 50 seconds. With this time, he took ninth in 5A state, but would have gotten second in 6A with the same time, behind first by only seven seconds in the biggest class.

“6A is the biggest but definitely not the hardest, if you look at the times, and the top guys, 5A is clearly the best class in the state,” Schoenhofer said.

Not only did Schoenhofer break the school 5k record once, but twice by beating his current state record in his 2020 state run. He has run all his life and trained as hard as anyone ever has by having dedication to beat the school record.

“To break the record I worked very hard, it took over 3,000 miles of running in all sorts of conditions to make myself the best runner I can be. I try to run five to nine miles every day to train and improve my time. No matter the weather conditions, I will make sure I get my run in. I like to run all over Andover, there are trails I like to go on and I also like to go on the sidewalks along Central Road” he said.

After beating the record, Schoenhofer felt relieved and a weight was removed from his shoulders. With Schoehofer’s times and dedication, he is good enough to be a college athlete for cross country and track.

“It was great to break the record twice, each time I was very happy and glad I put in all the effort that I did. It is just good to see all the hard work pay off. I will run after high school, I am just not sure where quite yet,” Schoenhofer said.

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