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Carr Brothers

Back in December of 2000, Jonathan and Reginald Carr committed numerous crimes in the Wichita area including; theft, rape, and first degree murder.

The case that has now been ongoing for 22 years is soon coming to a close, as the Carr

Brothers have finally gotten their official ruling death sentence.

The brothers had their first death sentence in 2002 that the Kansas Supreme Court overruled. It then went to the U.S supreme Court and years later on July 25, 2014 the Kansas Supreme Court overturned the death sentence again saying that the penalties for each defendant were not clearly separated.

After numerous back and forth decisions, on

Jan 21, 2022 they finally got sentenced to death by the U.S Supreme Court.

¨There were family members who died during that period of time not able to see the final work of this case and 20 years is just too long to have this out there.¨ District Attorney Nola Foulston said, she expressed her dismay in the final

decision taking so long.

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that sentencing them together neither implicated the brother’s Eighth Amendment rights nor violated their rights under the due process clause. Resulting in the U.S. Supreme Court reversing the Kansas

Supreme Court’s decision.

“Five people were killed and a dog, seven

people tortured, multiple sexual assaults. Lust and greed weave a strong theme in this deadly case and I don’t think anything can diminish that impact.” Chief Assistant District Attorney Kim Parker said ¨You know the death penalty is a very serious thing, but this case had an extraordinary amount of evidence unlike maybe any other I’ve been involved in that

supported the conviction.”

Parker and Foulston, along with many others in the Wichita community are glad that this case is finally reaching its end.

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