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College Football

With the fall underway, we all know what sports fans are looking forward to in college Football. College Football is something most sports fans watch on the weekends and is the most-watched event in America. The rivalries are what bring people to watch the games. The rivalries with football bring a new meaning to the game. With football starting, people are excited to watch what some people would say is the best sport in America.

There are many different teams to watch for. The teams to watch this year are Georgia, Michigan, Ohio State, Alabama, and many more. Georgia is a team to watch because they have won the national championship two times in a row. With impressive stats from last year, who knows what this year will bring. The team to beat this year is Georgia, coming off back-to-back championships.

Some changes go along with the football season this year. There are many teams on the move this year, along with players and coaches changing teams. There are many questions people may be thinking about this coming football season. Only time will tell how the football teams will do.

When people think of rivalries, they think of the Power 5. Army vs. Navy is one of the best rivalries. This game is the most anticipated and biggest of the year for both. Throughout the country, there are rivalries everywhere. It all comes from the fans cheering them on and the atmosphere that the players are in. The players love having the high energy from the fans. College football is a national sensation in America. The football season has started, and everyone is excited to see what happens!

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