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Coping with hybrid learning: students describe their new normal

Precautions were taken due to Covid-19 with the reopening of schools, which quickly became a hot topic. At Andover Central, hybrid weeks continued until a later evaluation on October 9th, which determined that the hybrid model would continue. Students want to go to school regularly again and prefer that over hybrid learning.

Social interaction is vital to our health and many students miss seeing their friends in person due to the separation of hybrid learning.

“I prefer normal days when everyone is actually in school because I get to see people and it helps me learn better,” junior Peter Domico said.

The lack of in-person instruction made many students feel behind.

“I like when we go to school regularly because I can see all of my friends there which makes school better. The negative is that you get behind on the zoom days,” senior Jack Brouillette said.

Attempting to teach two classes at the same time has proven difficult, and is not a model that students or teachers want to keep in the long-term.

“Challenges we have had previously are only amplified by the current situation,” social studies teacher Kara Belew said to the school board. “It takes a lot of time to adapt [our lessons].”

Although hybrid days offered more relaxation time for students, information given was confusing.

“I like in-school days, and I wish everyone was back to school again. I don’t like online school days. It’s more relaxed, but also way too confusing,” sophomore Tessa Johnston said.

Some students, however, argue that the downtime provided by hybrid days are a needed break.

“I prefer the remote hybrid days because you don’t have to wake up as early as you would have to for regular school. You also have more time to relax and get your work done,” senior Mackenzie Scheidel said.

Although students have more free time on hybrid days, regular school days keep students on track more effectively. Learning over Zoom is a challenge that has left students confused or behind in comparison to their progress during in-person learning. Due to the challenges of hybrid learning, steps should be taken to return students to in-person learning as soon as it is safe to do so.

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