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Dating through the ages - a look at past and present common practices

Dating in the past and now share their similarities and differences, as well as pros and cons. Dating in the past was expressed through flowers, giving an article of clothing, meeting in person, meeting the parents on the first date, and more, which some prefer.

“Picking which time period is better is a difficult question because I like elements of both dating back then and dating now. I love the romantic parts of how they used to date back then. Receiving flowers is always exciting and I think wearing an article of clothing to announce a relationship is super cute. On the other hand, I prefer to have the talking stage like most people do now. It’s a lot easier to go out on a date with someone you are friends with and well acquainted to than someone you have barely talked to. Yet, I do not like the social media part of today’s relationships and how prominent it is,” senior Hilary Tallman said.

The popular term “talking” refers to the time in between when a relationship starts and when they are actually textbook dating. The time can be a way for people to get to know each other better, or it can cause miscommunication. Others felt that meeting in person instead of over social media was a better way to get to know them.

“I would definitely rather date someone that I met in person because through social media you can fake the way you talk and look. Along with that, if you meet someone in person it is easier to feel a connection between one another,” freshman Zaydie Ladner said.

Meeting parents on the first date was popular back in the day, and senior Jack Brouillette thought that the tradition should continue.

“I think it is nice for the boy to meet the parents just out of respect, especially if it is his first time taking the girl out for a date. I know that to many peoples’ parents, just introducing yourself shows respect,” Brouillette said.

Though dating has changed significantly throughout the ages, students believed that many aspects should remain the same between the two.

In contrast to dating in the past, today’s dating can be seen through the talking stage and meeting through social media.

“I like the talking stage because you definitely get to know someone better before you start “dating.” But, with that, it can all be super confusing because talking can have so many different meanings for different people. It is not a universal term that everyone agrees upon and has the same beliefs on what it means. I personally like it though because you are getting to know that person in a more intimate way than just being friends,” junior Landyn Patterson said.

Some students think that meeting the parents is a circumstance that can occur at a later date and is not necessarily needed for the first date.

“I do not think that a boy or girl meeting parents on the first date is really something that needs to happen. In reality, there could be a scenario where you end up wishing that your parents didn’t meet that person, so keeping the relationship between you until you decide that you want parents to be involved would be the better option. It also keeps things less messy if they were to not work out,” senior Maddy Reeves said.

The convenience of social media and other communication platforms were appreciated by some students.

“I like dating in this day and age because we have cars to get to and from each other and phones to communicate. Back then if you needed the phone then you had to wait your turn because usually there was only one phone on the wall for everyone to share. Although sometimes people need a break from their phones, the communication it brings is a big help,” senior Kinzington Kelly said.

While some students wish they could date in the ways of previous generations, others enjoy the environment of today’s dating world and the conveniences that it holds.

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