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Family Recipes

During the holidays many families come together and gather around the table celebrating and enjoying delicious family recipes.

Many of our students are super happy to share their favorite recipes that they have eaten year after year. From classics to unique dishes, these recipes have a special place in student's hearts and memories.

“My grandma makes the best mashed potatoes that I have ever had and I look forward to her cooking for every holiday,” senior Emelyn Carpenter said.

Students also enjoyed classic Thanksgiving staples.

“My dad makes classic green bean casserole. This recipe has been passed down from

generation to generation,” senior John Primm said.

People also include their culture and variety into Thanksgiving food traditions.

“Every year, since my mom is British, we do a Yorkshire

pudding contest, and try new recipes every year. It's fun finding ways to incorporate both sides of my family into out American holiday, cause

obviously the English don't celebrate Thanksgiving,” freshman Natalie Moore said.

Students enjoyed making food with their peers.

“My friend Tiffany and I make delicious cream pies every year,” sophomore Rylan King said.

Even the basic Thanksgiving foods like corn or other classic vegetables are passed through generations. Many of which are kept same throughout the years

“I like my mom's corn bread, it is super buttery and sweet and I always gobble up at least two pieces of it,” sophomore Mason Williams said.

For some students food connects them to wholesome memories.

“My mom makes homemade caramel corn and I like it because it reminds me of when I was a young child,” sophomore Kenzie Buchanan said.

A classic piece, bread, has found its way into people's hearts as a favorite.

Many students enjoy bread, especially when it is homemade.

“My grandma makes really yummy bread rolls and they are really soft and always the best and I usually eat them with butter,” freshman Ainsley

Randolph said.

Unique recipes are also appreciated by students because they have been eating them since childhood.

Changing recipes are a favorite for many of the students, giving each dish a special meaning.

“My grandma makes this really good homemade jello with fruit in it and it's really good even though I eat around the fruit. I really like the color of the Jello and that she makes it with her own recipe,” freshman Goldie Lane said.

The traditional Thanksgiving dish of Turkey also can be

seasoned differently through generations. Turkey is a key dish in many feasts, even back in the 1600s.

“Those turkey legs and that salt and pepper seasoning hits,” freshman Phoenix Ruda said.

Food brings people together and many students have special homemade recipes. These are a few examples of food eaten and enjoyed by students and families in our school during what is arguably the best time of the year.

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