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Getting Ready for Mamma Mia!

The theater department has already been up and running, trying to make the musical going. The musical this year is Mamma Mia by Catherine Johnson, and the cast and crew are extremely excited to be able to put on this show. Mamma Mia is a musical that came out in 1999, and there was a movie adaptation made in 2008 . It's about a mother who had a kid in her young adult life and the daughter doesn't know who her father is. The daughter is getting married and invited three of her mothers ex-boyfriends to hope to find her father. The music in Mamma Mia is ABBA, which is a very popular jazz and blues band in the 70’s.

The leads for the musical areMakayla Stacy playing Donna, Julia Broullette playing Sofie, Hudson Axtell playing Harry, and John Hays playing Bill and Ayden Fooshee playing Sam.

Mamma Mia is set in the 1990s with flashbacks to the 1970s. The theater department works ridiculously hard to be able to put on musicals in just 3 months, so go support the theater department.

Putting on a musical is hard, but the theater kids make it fun since they are like a family. The actors and actresses are getting more and more excited, as the show gets closer. So on November 9, when Mamma Mia will be performed for the first time, the student body at Andover Central needs to go get tickets. They will start to be sold a week before the show. With going to the matinee, each grade will receive class points depending on how many students attend. Buy a ticket and support the theater department!

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