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Hole in the wall restaurants, reviewed

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

Los Pinos, 1225 W Douglas

If you follow Douglas all the way west past the Arkansas River, there is an explosion of smaller, authentic, locally owned restaurants that provide great hospitality and great food. Los Pinos is a simple Mexican restaurant with a one page menu, about three booths, and a drive-thru. The authenticity of the Mexican food rivals any other restaurant in town. The Taco Combo, which is one of the more popular items, is served with your choice of two beef or chicken crispy tacos, refried beans, and brown rice for a low price of $7.00. You cannot go wrong with any item on the menu and it is well worth the longer drive to downtown.

Passage to India, 6100 E 21st St

Passage to India is one of the hidden gems on the east side of Wichita. Walking into the restaurant, you instantly get a whiff of the incredible smells of the curry, various masalas, soups, and naan bread. They also have plenty of menu selections, including seafood, chicken, fish, lamb, beef, soups, curries, vegetarian options, kids meals, and desserts. The flavor and authenticity of the food is just as good as any big name restaurant in the Wichita area. Passage to India is a true diamond in the rough and is a go-to spot for foodies in Wichita.

8065 Peachtree Ln

Sapporo is one of the best sushi joints in Wichita with 4.7 stars on Google. As an avid sushi lover, any sushi in town is always more expensive than a typical foreign meal. Skimming the menu, there are plenty of options and one cannot go wrong with any choice on the menu. From the pad thai to the eel nigiri, every dish is above average and made right in front of your eyes. Along with sushi, they serve thai curry, multi-piece specials, teriyaki dishes, and desserts. For anyone who has not tried sushi, this is definitely the place to start.

Sport Burger, 134 N Hillside

Sport Burger is one of the more unique restaurants in town. There is a note on their sign that says, “If we are closed earlier than posted, we have sold out of product for the day.” Not many places, regardless of size, sell out of every product within 4-5 hours. Almost every item is below eight dollars, and a meal around five dollars will still give you bang for your buck. Their burgers have crispy, sesame-seed buns, and even a slight crisp on the patty. Although looks might be deceiving, the food is far from it and makes a drive to Hillside a trip well spent.

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