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J.V Sports

Our school is home to many student-athletes with lots of talent, however, varsity athletics are not the only teams that hold great amounts of talent. Junior Varsity and freshman athletics both hold a lot of potential in the future of sports and are programs that need to be acknowledged more often.

Karlyn Wilson is a member of the JV golf team. Wilson is fairly new to the sport, however, she has already competed in several tournaments this season, where she has placed in the top halves of her group. She has gradually improved with each competition and plans to continue with her improvement through the rest of the fall. Wilson finds great success in the JV golf program and enjoys communicating with her friends and coaches about the sport.

“My goal for next season is to get a birdie in a tournament, as well as make the varsity golf team. I think this is a solid goal because I am already a JV menace,” junior Karlyn Wilson said.

Jaxson Green is another prime example of a junior varsity athlete. Green is a freshman who has already made a big name for himself in the football program. He is a key player to the freshman and JV football teams, and suits up for varsity, ready for whenever he is needed.

“The JV program is for players to get ready to play at the varsity level. My goal as someone on JV is to be able to start as the varsity running back, or be able to switch out with the other running back.” freshman Jaxson Green said.

Green also plans on playing basketball in the winter season, as well as track in the spring. He has high expectations for both sports and wants to be able to make the varsity team.

Junior varsity programs are truly a great way to get a start in the activity you are interested in. It allows students to practice their technique, grow as a player and provides a healthy environment for future talent.

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