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KSHSAA struggles to reach consensus on winter sports procedures and rules

On November 24, the Kansas State High School Athletic Association made a decision to allow winter sports to be played. However, they originally

decided that there would be

absolutely no fans allowed. On December 8, KSHSAA changed their mind and allowed parents to be able to watch their kids.

The KSHSAA committee board held a meeting that was live streamed on Zoom. In that

meeting they discussed the

importance of playing sports and what families and the athletes would miss out if they did not get to play. After a vote of 77-1, the board decided to let them play. COVID-19 ended last year’s postseason short by cancelling the semifinal and championship game. The lady Jags were set to play in the state semifinals with a record of 22-1.

“I cannot wait to play this season, especially after our season was cut short last year and may have stopped us from winning a state championship. Our team will do whatever it takes as long as we can just play,”

junior guard Ellie Stearns said.

Andover Central has been known to have a really strong student section that loves to support their boys and girls basketball teams. They have been ranked number one a numerous amount of times in student section rankings.

“Obviously I am happy that the guys and girls get to play, but it is just unfortunate that we

cannot go and support our friends. Especially with me being a senior, I love going to the football and basketball games and just going crazy. Being in the student section will be one of my all time favorite childhood memories,” senior Easton Elliot said.

KSHSAA will reevaluate their decision on January 28th, 2021. Streaming services will be set up around the state so students and other fans can still watch their friends and team online. Each basketball team is limited to 20 regular season games, and each wrestling team is limited to 18 events with a maximum of 30 competitors. All swim teams will have a maximum of 10 meets, as well as all bowling teams.

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