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Let Us Celebrate Native American Heritage

On August 3rd, 1990, President George H. W. Bush declared the month of November as Native American Heritage Month. It was made to shed light on their cultures, and to recognize them for who they were and to stop “white washing” them. Though they should be able to be proud of where they are from, it was made so they could be recognized by people that don't think about them as much, and to educate the county about culture.

In the past, Native Americans have been mistreated their whole lives. When Columbus first came to America, he mistook them as Indians, because he thought he had sailed to India. When more Europeans started to come over to America, they started to take the native lands. They were called savages and killers when all they wanted was their rightful land that they have had in their community for generations. Now many organizations misuse their culture to make profits. Many sports teams like the Redskins, Indians, Chiefs, Braves, and Warriors have fallen under that misuse of the culture. Similar to many other minority races, they get discriminated against and their culture gets appropriated.

To celebrate Native American Heritage Month, WSU's Ulrich Museum of Art put on a display called Myths of the West: Narrating Stories of the Land and People through Wichita Art Collections. This event was held to invite artists to show off work by people of the Native American culture and pieces inspired by the culture. This exhibit consists of approximately 80 pieces, and it is held from August 25, 2022 to December 3, 2022. This exhibit was generously supported by big names like INTRUST Bank, Emprise Bank, and Fidelity Bank, and supported by Don and Ellie Skokan, and Keith and Georgia Stevens, and Jeff and Janice Van Sickle.

This was a beautiful exhibit that helped show the beauties of Native American culture. Everyone should go see it and recognize the beauty of the piece in it. Have a Happy Native American Heritage Month to all that celebrate it.

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