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Logan Paul stuns fans with plan to fight Mayweather

In the sports and entertainment world, almost every event is unpredictable. There have been baseball players turned into football players and former basketball players turned into actors. However, the sports world had never seen YouTubers make an attempt to go to a professional level in sports until the infamous brother duo Jake and Logan Paul grazed headlines for their professional boxing debuts.

The Paul brothers gained traction with the use of social media app Vine in 2013 and 2014. Jake and Logan are heavily involved in entertainment with a combined YouTube subscriber count of roughly 43 million. In December of 2020, Jake Paul made his professional boxing debut in an exhibition bout or short boxing match with former NBA star

Nate Robinson.

Opinions on the Paul brothers differ amongst students.

“I feel like they [Jake and Logan] are ruining the art of the sport and they should stick to YouTube,” senior Andy Albin said.

The outcome of the fight between Paul and Robinson resulted in a brutal and embarrassing knockout. Paul won the fight in the second round and sparked memes all over social media.

“I think its kind of stupid for these amateur boxers to go out there and try to fight professionals, but what Jake Paul did to Nate Robinson was incredible,” junior PJ Damico said. “Jake Paul sure sparks up a wide array of beef and drama, but he stayed true to his word by winning the fight.”

Logan Paul recently confirmed a bout between him and undefeated boxing legend Floyd Mayweather. In late January, it was said that the fight was postponed till further notice for unknown reasons.

“It is pretty funny that Logan Paul wants to fight Mayweather and is actually expecting to win. Floyd is one of the best boxers ever and Paul wouldn’t stand a chance,” sophomore Trey Niernberger said.

In most recent headlines, a bout between Jake Paul and former UFC fighter Ben Askren was confirmed for April and the stigma around the Paul

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